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Due to its expertise in the field of international trade, Alpha-Trust Group puts together multi-lateral parties and creates scenarios where Buyers secure reliable suppliers, and Sellers grow their client base.

Acting as independent intermediary, the Alpha-Trust Trading Team is focused on the buying, selling, and movement of raw materials and manufactured goods. Most of our transactions are connected with current clients’ industries: iron and steel; agriculture and livestock; oil and minerals; construction and infrastructure; and consumer technologies.

Among the services Alpha-Trust provides are: (i) effective search and screening of buyers and sellers; (ii) sourcing, coordination, and survey of raw materials and goods; (iii) analysis of prices, transportation and feasibility studies; and, (iv) due diligence and compliance with contractual terms and obligations.

New market conditions arising out of the BRIC countries and other emerging markets create business opportunities every day. We specialize in the identification and capitalization of these opportunities and the implementation of marketing strategies benefiting all parties involved in our transactions.